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All new users are automatically enrolled in a free 30-day trial of our signature software, Shaxpir 4: Pro. When your trial ends, you can either switch to our free plan, Shaxpir 4: Everyone, which includes all of our most essential storytelling tools, or you can continue enjoying the pro-quality features and enhancements of Shaxpir 4: Pro, with a paid subscription of just $7.99 a month.

SHAXPIR 4: Everyone

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Even our free plan, Shaxpir 4: Everyone, offers a complete writing environment for Macintosh or Windows, including our manuscript builder, world-building notebook, margin comments, concept artwork, connections, offline writing, and cloud backup.

With a paid subscription to Shaxpir 4: Pro, you also get exclusive access to our most advanced features, including multi-device sync, eBook publishing, version history browsing, and custom themes.

Monthly Price FREE $7.99
Manuscript Builder
World-Building Notebook
Margin Comments
Concept Art
Set Goals & Track Progress
Windows / Macintosh
Offline + Cloud
Export to HTML, Microsoft Word
Multi-Device Sync
Export to EPUB
Version History
Custom Themes